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Daehung Softmill is contributing in resolving social issues to fulfill its responsibility for
the future generation and to construct a better future, and has set its goal on continuous growth.

  • In accordance to the
    various market demands

    We established ‘sustainable company’ as our management philosophy that can contribute not just to customers, but the entire society. We established the ‘Master Skill Training Institute’ in 2014 and have been fostering young human resources and creating jobs to make our contributions.
    Also, we applied LED lamps in all of our products excluding the Deck Oven that uses eco-friendly urethane to pursue business in various areas with the goal of solving social issues such as conserving electricity usage.
  • Together with Customers

    We value dialog with customers and are providing products and services through a variety of sales channels. We established a precise service and support system to identify the needs of customers and developed/manufactured high-quality and high-performance products using our advanced technologies to achieve our goal of providing value for the food service industry.
    We opened the ‘ASMS (integrated management system)’ in 2022 to systematically manage the products of Daehung Softmill sold within they system through the headquarters and a wide range of channels. Through this, we are minimizing unnecessary service expenses caused by follow-up management such as after-sales services to elevate customer satisfaction and take a step closer toward customers.
  • Goal of continuous growth

    We are striving to build a company trusted by various stakeholders by ways such as procuring management transparency, harmony of social activities and the environment, and constructing a work environment where it is easy to work.

    As ESG (environment, society, governance) becomes more and more important, the roles of companies to solve global social issues are also growing. Amidst such trends, we carefully listened to all the stakeholders of Daehung Softmill and also place importance on ESG activities.

    Energy conservation, eco-friendliness, and follow-up management are important issues for bakery equipment that operate over a long period of time. In response to this, Daehung Softmill has been continuously developing energy conservation technologies ever since its founding. Furthermore, we are working for continuous growth through methods such as guaranteeing quality that meets the anticipations and expectations of customers, construction of a service and support system, and creating a working environment where employees can fully utilize their individual capacities.

Daehung Softmill CEO Kim Dae-in

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