Customer needs are satisfied with the
skills of masters for a more convenient
process and baking quality perfection.

Contains the skills and experiences
of a Korean Master Hand

  • 1   The first in Korea

    The First power-saving low-temperature
    high-humidity Inverter Dough Conditioner
  • 2   Premium baking machine

    Premium baking machine that controls
    everything of dough
  • 3   Build own production line

    Build your own production line and have the
    different types of models you want

Smart control system

Temperature, humidity and wind speed are controlled smartly for perfect baking. The icon touch method offers convenient use and the operation status is expressed as color graphs allowing intuitive use.
Smart Control System Illustration Image

High-performance CPU central processing unit

High-performance memory is installed to notify users of the operation status and error information, while expressing the entire process from freezing to thawing and proofing using graphics.

TFT LCD touch-type controller

The 7” LCD-TFT liquid touch method controller offers intuitive and easy operation.

Inverter compressor

Freeze cycles control temperature settings precisely through PWM control signals to maintain optimal cold air circulation state and reduces energy usage by more than 25%.

Digital temperature and humidity control sensor

Temperature and humidity in the storage are detected and analyzed in real-time through digital communication signals to maintain exact temperature and humidity.

Optimal process

Design registration 30-0624993

Using the 32bit CPU programming and proprietarily developed firmware control system, the process of all stages including freezing, thawing and proofing can be set automatically for up to four days for the baking time to maintain and use exact functions.
Retention Technology Graph Table Image

Air circulation system

The air circulation system uses indirect air flow to distribute air in the product evenly from top to bottom, thus allowing even low-temperature proofing in all racks.
Dough conditioner air circulation system graphic image

Precise temperature
control system

Patent registration 10-2184709

Temperature can be controlled from up to 40℃ to -10℃ freezing using the inverter compressor, and the temperature deviation from the set temperature is accurate at less than ±0.5 within the temperature range, thus ensuring the actual temperature, and in result, improves product quality.
Graph images of changes by temperature
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